Monday, 16 October 2017

A Temporary Brow Tattoo♥*

Trying out new brow products can be a little daunting because they aren't always guaranteed to work for everyone, and working them out can be quite the mission. Typically, I use brow kits or a pomade due to the effectiveness of them and their simplicity. The wonderful people from Maybelline emailed me about trying their Brow Tattoo*, and I was intrigued as to whether it truly worked as a tattoo or not. I opted for their darkest shade, Dark Brown but they also do a Medium Brown and a Light Brown.

In my opinion, the packaging is pretty slick. I like the shiny black packaging with the girly touch of bling. It doesn't appear cheap yet isn't overly fancy too. It is purchased in a box, which contains all of the details of the product on the side (you know, the how to, step-by-step instructions and all that jazz) which obviously wouldn't fit onto the actual product itself. Minimalism is my style, so this packaging is aesthetically pleasing and I like it.

I must admit, the applicator/wand was not what I was expecting. I did expect more of a distinct brush, so I was curious to see how I would get on with the applicator because I was afraid incase it would be tricky and hard to work with. It turns out that it's actually the easiest thing ever. All you do is literally PAINT the shape of your eyebrows. No gimmick. How simple is that? It only takes a few minutes, and of course, the more precise you are, the longer, but I cannot believe how easy it is to apply. It's not messy whatsoever - I thought that it would smudge everywhere, but I was wrong. When applied onto your brows, it appears as a black liquid, which slowly dries, but it looks so funny not going to lie!

Depending on how long you want it to last on your brows, the times vary. If you only want it to be temporary for a day, they recommend 20 minutes. I tend to leave it closer to 30 minutes. Normally, I do it on a Sunday evening at around 7:00, and when I get up on Monday morning, my brows don't need any extra product because this product works so well - of course if you want extra definition, ie at the arch, you may want to use some pomade etc. If you wish for it to last for up to 3 days, they recommend 2 hours, however, I haven't done this - mainly because I'm afraid to if I'm honest aha! After you've left it on for your chosen time, you then have the joys of removing it - well, PEELING it. You basically need to remove the product from the inner part of your brow to the outer. This is a bit of a pain, but it is quite satisfying, and worth it!

Here's a quick before preview of my brows with no product whatsoever in them. Although they are pretty full, they aren't defined at all, and they do have a few sparse areas which I like to fix up with my brow products.

Here's an afterwards preview of my brows. As you can see, they are visibly darker and there aren't as many sparse areas. 

Overall, I think it's a product worth investing in. It certainly isn't a gimmick and I just love the finished results. It's so simple to do and saves you a few pennies by doing it at home!

Have you tried this product? What was your experience like?

Monday, 9 October 2017

Why You Should Make 2018 YOUR Year♥

For me, 2017 has been a blast of a year. Life wouldn't be life if there weren't any downfalls, but majority of this year has been positive. I have loved near enough every minute of it and it has past by like a flash. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Some years are just damn right rotten from beginning to end and it feels as though you're stuck in a rut that isn't ever going to end. 2018 is approaching at a rapid pace. I'm excited to see what is holds for me, whilst others may be hesitant. Change is good, and change is necessary sometimes. I've constructed a list of small changes you can consider making in 2018 to try make it YOUR year, and the best it can be.

Reconsider your outlook on life - now I'm not meaning dream of fairies and unicorns, no not that. Try thinking positively about everything. I won't lie, it is really difficult to be positive 24/7 - everyone has off days here and there where they feel really down, it's only human. Instead, try to be optimistic about things. Applied for a job? Think positively. Trying something new? Think positively. Instead of having a negative mindset, think positively and well.

Diet and exercise - Well, who would have ever have thought that those words would feature on this blog? Not me, never. I'm not becoming a fitness blogger anytime soon, but small, simple changes in your diet and exercise can make you feel better, improve your mood and is good for your health. Some days you can feel unmotivated, and want to do nothing more than lounge around munching on chocolate - we've all been there. But, how about swapping the chocolate for a bit of fruit? Of course, it doesn't compare at all (it's chocolate after all), but increasing your fruit and vegetable intake is a step in the right direction. Also, drinking more water has lots of benefits - it helps your skin and flushes out any toxins in your body. As for exercise, I don't mean take up multiple extreme sports. Even just walking regularly - get your heart pumping and increase those steps! Exercise releases a hormone which boosts your mood, and it will help you to think a whole lot clearer, resulting in that positive mind set! Although it will make you feel better, remember balance is necessary.

Pick up a hobby - perhaps a hobby is exactly just what you need to stimulate your brain. My favourite hobbies are blogging and photography (cheeky plug in, but feel free to check out my photography here and here), but there are so many options out there. It varies from singing to dancing, baking to drawing, playing an instrument to writing, there is something out there for everyone. You don't necessarily need to be amazing at it; if you enjoy it, then let it be. As long as you are happy, that's all that matters. It will certainly boost your happiness levels by doing something you love, and it will give you something to do to pass your time. I bet if you were to sit down and think "what actually are my hobbies?", you will have more than you even realise. So, for 2018, what's your new hobby?

Be ambitious - when I say ambitious, I mean realistic, nothing overly wild whatsoever. Of course we all want the best for ourselves in life, but when setting goals, but realistic - are they achievable? How can I go around achieving this? Or am I being ridiculous? Setting goals is a good thing, especially if you know the end goal. The journey towards the finish is rather exciting too. Whether it may be short term or long term goals, a goal is a goal and if you're ambitious enough, you can get there - just with a whole lot of hard work and determination! In my opinion, the best way to achieve a goal is by staying humble - don't tell people your goal, instead, SHOW them!

Prioritise YOU - put you first. It is not, and I repeat NOT, selfish to put you first and do what's best for you. Make yourself your number one priority, and watch how your happiness will change. It's only healthy, trust me. Never settle for number two when it comes to you - screw whether you are anyone else's number one, you are your own. Be your own biggest fan, support yourself and make decisions based on yourself. 

Honestly, these simple little things could make your 2018 the best year of your life, so far. Do things for yourself that you will thank your future self for. As I've already said, 2017 went really well for me, and I am nothing but determined to make 2018 as equally amazing as 2017, if not better. I know that I want to look back on my life and be proud of what I've achieved, so I want to absolutely smash 2018 and every year onwards.

How are you going to make 2018 your year?

Monday, 2 October 2017

Save Yourself A Few Pennies With Superdrug's Vitamin E Range♥

Trying to discover which products work best for your skin is hard, mainly because there are so many brands offering numerous products these days. I tend to stay with drugstore skincare as it's more affordable and I know that the chances are high that it'll end up on my blog. One brand that I'm always intrigued to is Superdrug's Vitamin E range. I had tried their Hydrating Mist last year (read my review here) and simply I adored the mist. Since then, I hadn't tried anything else. However, that changed last month. I had ran out of both my micellar water and cleansing oil, and when I saw that the Vitamin E range was on special at buy one get one half price, I decided to get the two.

Dual Phase Cleansing Oil; I'm still fairly new into the world of cleansing oils and boy, do I wish I tried them sooner. They are a gift from the gods, honestly. Not only is it amazing for cleansing your skin, but also works wonders for removing your makeup. When I first tried it, I was a bit apprehensive to using it around my eye area just in case it hurt my eyes, but it doesn't irritate my eyes whatsoever. When I use it to remove my makeup, I use it as a follow up cleanser to ensure every last bit of makeup and dirt is removed. It leaves my skin feeling extremely soft, and appears bright and radiant. Before you use it, make sure to shake the bottle so that the oil and solution come together. The best part? It's suitable for vegans and vegetarians, Superdrug are against animal testing. For the price, I'd definitely repurchase this!

Gentle Micellar Solution; I was a little unsure to trying this out because I have used the Garnier Micellar Water religiously now for years, and to try a different micellar water can be a bit daunting, I won't lie. I was afraid it would perhaps break me out, or if it would irritate my eyes. I'm glad to announce that it did none of the above, thankfully. I have noticed that it has the same scent as the cleansing oil, and it reminds me of coconut, so maybe not ideal for someone with sensitive skin (but the scent doesn't hurt my eyes). It removes makeup quite well, although I like to use two cotton pads, both soaked in micellar water, to ensure that every last trace of makeup is removed. I don't need to tug or pull at my skin as it just effortlessly removes it.

I knew I wouldn't be let down with this skincare range; especially because I had loved the product I had before, and see numerous beauty bloggers rave about the range on their blog or twitter. And, it's only fair to say, I've been looking further into the range - I have my eye on the Hot Cloth Cleanser.

Have you tried this range? Anything you recommend I try next?

Monday, 25 September 2017

A Cheaper Alternative To Nars Creamy Concealer♥

Nars Creamy Concealer, Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, Maybelline Fit Me and the list goes on. Near enough every beauty lover on the planet will have heard of the three concealers above because a) they're raved about and b) they've perhaps tried them. Does the Natural Collection Cover-up Cream Concealer ring any bells? No? Let me begin.

Natural Collection is a budget-brand which I admittedly overlooked for years. Everything in the range is £1.99 therefore is affordable to all. I had tried their Cover-up Stick Concealer which quickly became my go-to concealer, but I had read a few blog posts recommending the cream version. Oh my days, all I can say is wow. It's pretty darn amazing for £1.99! The coverage is pretty good, and the part which impresses me most is that it doesn't crease. When I set it (currently with the Natural Collection Pressed Powder that I recently repurchased because I love it, and no, I'm not sponsored by NC!) it doesn't smudge around or anything. Miracles can come true.

As you could probably guess, it comes with a doe foot applicator, and actually disperses the concealer well. I like to use this concealer under my eyes to cover up any dark circles, but it does work to cover up any spots or blemishes too. When I apply under my eyes, I apply in two triangle shapes, and blend with a damp makeup sponge, which blends it effortlessly. Also, I always conceal my eyelids and the concealer camouflages any present veins. It only comes in two shades, fair and medium, and although this isn't of any inconvenience to me (I use fair), it may be for darker skin tones.

Forget your £20+ concealers for a daily basis, why not switch to this Natural Collection one for only £1.99? 

Monday, 18 September 2017

Hugo Boss Deep Red♥

Typically, I am drawn towards sweet, floral perfumes. Rarely do I ever go for deep, musky scents, however, for my birthday, my mum treated me to a bottle of Hugo Boss Deep Red Eau de Parfum, which is completely different to anything else I own.

Deep, dark and mysterious. If the bottle's aesthetics itself don't give you an insight into the perfume then I don't know what will. It most certainly is not sweet nor floral; more like secretive and seductive. I believe it is unique as I don't own anything quite like it, and is rather distinctive too as it's one I'd be able to recognise. Although I happily wear it throughout the day, I would say that it's perfect for a night out. The bottle itself is thick, dark glass which is strong and sure to make anyone feel as though they run the world, honestly.

The notes of the perfume are as follow:
Top Notes: Clementine, Blood Orange and blackcurrant
Heart Notes: Freesia, Pittosporum and Ginger Flower
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Vanilla.

As you can see, the notes are varied but combine together to create a sensual, exciting fragrance, and work together extremely well. Using a range of different ingredients can be risky, however, it is clear to me that Hugo Boss managed to pull it off and once again, have created a stunning fragrance. The scent lasts on the skin for a good few hours before it begins to fade, so has a good, long lasting power.

Have you tried this perfume?

Monday, 11 September 2017

Blogging Isn't All About The Numbers - And Here's Why♥

I will put my hand up and admit, when a blog post I adore and am proud of doesn't do as well as I had expected, it can be quite deflating. You gave it your all and it just seems as though the hard work just didn't pay off as you had initially thought. Admit it, it can be disappointing to see your Instagram or Twitter following numbers drop - why did they unfollow me? Do they not like my work? Yes, numbers can matter, but at the end of the day, blogging isn't all about the digits, numbers suck - in fact, it's more important to focus on the words.

As you will most likely know, for me, blogging is my space to give my opinion on products. I just sit down at my laptop and allow the creative juices flow, and the words just come naturally. I am a wordy person, I like to write, I like words. Blogging gives me the space to write to my potential about my new lipstick that I'm loving or an eyeshadow palette that I'm lusting over without boring my friends because people who like words will read blogs. Blogs are definitely for people who like words whereas in my opinion, YouTube videos are for those who are visual. 

But, what am I getting at here? Sure, there's nothing more amazing and rewarding to see my pageviews increase, or my Instagram likes increase, or my Twitter following increase, but if they don't, then it's not the end of the world. I don't like numbers, in fact, numbers just aren't my thing, it's words > numbers, much like it's quality > quantity. As long as I'm happy putting my words to paper (or in this case, a word document), then that's all that matters. I blog because I love it, I love writing and I love beauty. Not because I'm obsessed with numbers and I want to become the next big Zoella. No. Blogging for me is personal, and nothing else.

Watching your little blog grow in terms of views is exciting, but don't be expecting miracles overnight, it takes time, much like it takes time to grow as a person - you don't just go from 4 foot to 5 foot within 12 hours do you? But, what is my actual argument here? Enjoy the blogging journey and experience. Why? Because if you're busy enjoying blogging, then you'll be too busy to even take any notice of the numbers. Your passion will shine through in your content, and people will fall in love with your blog that way. 

Lose yourself in the words, not the numbers, and watch as you fall completely in love with blogging.

Monday, 4 September 2017

New In From: Mac♥

I have spent so much money this Summer. I'm not entirely sure how because I'm such a saver but I've definitely done myself enough damage for the rest of the year. I went into mac one day as I still had some money on my gift voucher to spend (justifiable). I took forever to actually pick items because I find mac stores quite intimidating. The staff didn't hound me or make me feel pressurized to buy anything, no, I think I'm always just a bit overwhelmed by the large selection of makeup, especially when I already own so much myself. Eventually though, I narrowed it down, and walked away, satisfied, with two eyeshadows and a lipstick, swinging my mac bag around as I went to hit the other shops.

Star Violet || £13.50  - I have most certainly dived right out of my comfort zone here with this shade. A deep purple-plum. But it's beautiful. It swatched so effortlessly on my hand and the colour was just beaming right at me. As you know I tend to stick with my golds and browns but this time I decided to push myself so that I would buy a more adventurous shade. It will not be one that lies at the back of my eyeshadow drawer I can assure you that. During this upcoming A/W, I am determined to make this shade my shade. I have already used it with a gold shade (more to come on that) and I used it as the outer corner shade and I just loved how it looked against the other gold shadow as well as my blue eyes. It just blended so easily and didn't leave any harsh lines. As it's a glitter, I was prepared for the worst - fallout - but I experienced very little to none. 

Amber Lights || £13.50 - Would it be a true makeup shop if I didn't buy a gold eyeshadow? No, no it wouldn't. Whilst browsing at the eyeshadow section, Amber Lights cause my eye. It was just sitting there, shining away, almost as if it were calling my name - I swear it must have been. It's a gorgeous gold-copper shade and when I swatched it, I couldn't get over how stunning the colour was, not to mention the insane pigmentation. It feels buttery, not chalky, and it applies so well to my eyelid (I use a flat brush and apply it dry, I could only imagine how blinding it must be if applied wet). I used it one time in conjunction with Star Violet (above) and the two colours work together really well; even though they are quite contrasting. Much like the previous shade, I haven't had much fallout with it either. 

I really like the simplistic packaging that the shadows come in. At the moment I keep them both in their boxes (because new makeup needs to be kept in their packaging for so long obviously!) but I will eventually remove them. The packaging is sturdy and I know it'll be safe whilst in with my other eye makeup. I haven't tried these with primer (mainly due to the fact I don't own any eye primer #badbblogger), and they last for hours - I can only imagine their staying power with a primer!

Diva || £16.50 - You may remember my love affair with Mehr (read here) and it's never really ended. I picked up Diva as I thought that it'd be a perfect A/W berry shade, and damn I can already tell it will be. It's a matte formula, and I was a bit concerned that it'd be really drying (I've heard that Ruby Woo is overly drying and it's a matte) but I don't find this one to be too bad. As it's such a dark and bold colour, I try to apply with a lip liner just to get a precise finish. I wore it out shopping one day and I even ate a Chinese and it did not budge at all. Therefore, the lasting power is beyond amazing. It looks stunning on, and I know for a fact that it would suit such a wide range of skin tones.

I must say, I'm delighted with my choices. It may have taken me a while but I am a satisfied customer once again with the beautiful and high quality products. The lipstick looks very classy sitting in my lipstick holder for sure! (You can read more about what I bought last time at mac here).

What are your favourite mac products?

Thursday, 31 August 2017

The Most Refreshing Range Ever♥*

You'd never have guessed that I adore Crabtree and Evelyn, would you? Every single product I've tried I have loved, and not once have I been let down by anything. Their quirky packaging, high quality products and delicious scents are sure to win over anyone. Of all of the products I've tried, their scents are vibrant and strong yet not too overpowering nor sickly, and for me, I find it important that if I use a body lotion, I can still smell it hours later without overpowering my perfume, and Crabtree seriously ace this.

Recently, Crabtree launched a new line, their Every Day Nature's Care, which has six available ranges which claim to have benefits for both your mind and well-being. The six ranges include Lavender and Espresso (helps to calm you), Rosewater and Pink Peppercorn (helps to hydrate), Citron and Coriander (helps to energise), Pomegranate and Argan Oil (helps to nourish), Pear and Pink Magnolia (helps to uplift) and Goatmilk and Oat (helps to soothe), so there is a collection for everyone and to suit everyone's needs. Each range also has a different colour scheme, which I believe Crabtree have tried to colour coordinate according to the products in the specific range. When I was contacted and asked what products I wished to review, I did struggle, but instantly I was attracted to their Citron and Coriander range, but also curious to their Rosewater and Pink Peppercorn range too.

As you can see, the colours on the packaging are bright, vivid and bold, and in my opinion are sure to catch anyone's eye. Also, I think that the colour schemes for each range are ever so appropriate - could you imagine the Citron range having a blue label as opposed to yellow? I certainly couldn't as the yellow compliments it. The packaging itself is typical of Crabtree - nothing too obscure and daring, which I like - and they have kept the label to a minimum, looking professional and also smart. The label has a simple font - none of this bizarre and wild fonts you get. All in all, I think they have created a line with such playful and energising packaging.

Citron and Coriander Body Lotion* - if I were to pick one word to describe the scent, it would be tangy. I absolutely adore it, and if there's any body lotion that screams Summer, it has got to be this one. It's refreshing and fruity, and when I first saw it was infused with coriander, I was seriously intrigued as to how it would work with citrus. It turns out that it's a match made in heaven, they blend together perfectly and produce a beautiful scent. The formula has been created to such a fantastic quality; it feels creamy and dreamy, without the dreaded sticky, greasy feeling that some body lotions can, and feels very lightweight. Less is more with regards to this body lotion, I only need two pumps for the bottom half of my legs. My skin absorbs this really quickly, so it's a case of moisturise, get dressed and you're ready to go - no waiting around. I have also noticed that when I'm wearing jeans, I'm actually able to smell the scent through the fabric, but no complaints there whatsoever - it's gorgeous. It included a blend of lemon, honey, coriander and shea butter to ensure that your skin feels as energised as can be.

Rosewater and Peppercorn Hand Recovery* - if you have followed my blog for majority of this year, you will have read posts where I am raving about Crabtree's hand creams (you can read them here and here), so when I saw a hand recovery, I was curious to say the least. I had purposely chosen a different range to the body lotion because I wanted to try out the scent in this range. I must admit, I really like the concept to this product; it's practically a hand scrub. I haven't had much experience in the past with a hand scrub, possibly not even any, so I was eager to try it out and see how it worked. On my first use, I only used a small amount, perhaps the size of a 20p coin, on my damp hands and the scrub seemed to work well by doing this. It didn't irritate nor feel too harsh on my hands, and after I rinse my hands, they instantly felt smoother. The next time I used it, my hands felt just as good as the first use. It's fair to say I'm blown away by it. I try to avoid over-scrubbing, so try to limit usage to only twice a week, followed by a hand balm. I know for a fact that this will be a life saver in the Winter, especially when my hands are dry and cracked. I highly recommend this for someone who suffers from dry hands, but if you have sensitive skin, I would avoid using incase it irritates your hands.

Crabtree have not disappointed me yet again. There's definitely a range suitable for everyone depending on their tastes. Personally, I love their Citron and Coriander range, and if you love anything refreshing, definitely invest into this range!

Have you tried anything from Crabtree?

*PR Samples

Monday, 28 August 2017

Revisiting An Old Brand♥

Do you ever buy makeup from a specific brand and feel as though you have been transported back many years and feel nostalgic? That was exactly how I felt when I found myself browsing at the Miss Sporty stand in Superdrug the other week, and before I knew it, I was picking up products left, right and centre, intrigued to what they had to offer. There was a deal on, 3 products for £5, and I picked up their So Matte Perfect Stay Foundation, and I couldn't wait to see how well it worked - it had been a while since I last put a foundation to the test!

I went for the lightest shade (Ivory, 01) and I did notice that there was not many shades available (only 4!), and this could be a slight inconvenience if you have a darker skin tone. The packaging is nothing too exciting, it's a plastic bottle with pink writing, but it comes with a pump - shout out to you, Miss Sporty! In all honesty, I wasn't expecting anything overly fancy as it didn't cost me much at all. I have used this foundation numerous times now and the cap hasn't ended up covered in makeup either.

In all honesty, I didn't even know if this was a low/medium or medium/high coverage, I bought it on a whim! It turns out that it has a low, natural coverage that is easily buildable to deliver a higher coverage, without clogging your pores. It blends out effortlessly and if more layers are required, it doesn't appear to look cakey at all. The finish doesn't look dewy which is expected as it's a matte finish, and feels light on the skin - it doesn't feel as though you're wearing any foundation. I do find that I need extra concealer under my eyes and down the bridge of my nose for more coverage, but apart from that, the coverage is definitely to my liking - it gives extra coverage on any blemishes or imperfections, but freckles are still visible. It claims to last up to 14 hours, and although I've never worn it for that long, I will state that it lasts for a good 6 hours at least. It's enriched with vitamins A,C and E so it's good for the skin.

For £3.50, I have been pleasantly surprised by how good the foundation is. It's one of the most inexpensive foundation I own, and it's definitely taken me by surprise. After I finish it (and a good majority of my other foundations), I will be repurchasing!

Have you ever tried this foundation?

Thursday, 24 August 2017

24K Gold For Your Skin♥*

Here we are in 2017 whilst some brands are ahead and are in 3017. Bio Essence have created a line whereby all of their products are enriched with 24K Gold. Yes, really. I couldn't quite believe it when I first read it, and when I was given the chance to try out the brand, I replied with a firm yes, to find out what's really going on. I receive their 24K Gold Miracle Finish* which I couldn't wait to get to work with.

The product comes packaged in a beautiful, shiny gold tube which looks rather expensive and luxurious. I find that the packaging is ever so appropriate for the product itself and flatters it too. The plastic feels quite thick and sturdy so would survive travelling. The lid attaches strongly too so there's no need to worry about the product being wasted. It comes with 30ml of product, which is roughly the average size for skincare products.

The miracle finisher is applied as a last step of your skincare routine to lock in all of the previous benefits, so I apply after my moisturiser. It acts in a way to protect the skin against harmful pollutants - so is basically a protective layer. It claims to provide you with a glowy finish, which I actually agree with because I think that my skin looks bright and healthy after using. When I discovered that it's meant to leave you with matte skin, I could have jumped up and down with happiness - beat that, oily skin! When applied at first, it has a weird formula; it isn't thick nor thin so has the perfect consistency, but it feels sort of greasy, and when I first discovered this, I began believing that it was a gimmick product. However, this isn't the case. I only require a small amount for my whole face, and my skin absorbs this really quickly, and although it feels greasy when first applied, my skin is left feeling silky smooth, and the greasiness disappears - that's because my skin drinks up all of the golden goodness!

I use this twice a day and I think it's a nice way to finish off a skincare routine. As I previously mentioned, it claims to leave matte skin. I can assure you that this claim is pretty much legit. This stuff is incredible to use before you do your makeup, seriously it's worth investing for just to do your makeup. My foundation applies so flawlessly and appears airbrushed, but I guess makeup can only look perfect if your skin is playing the game well (ie good skincare routine!) 

If you pick up one skincare product, make sure it's this item. It will up your makeup game, and who doesn't want to say that they use 24K gold on their skin? I just love how it leaves my skin feeling so good - smooth, and looks good too.

Do you use 24K Gold on your skin?

*PR Samples