Monday, 19 February 2018

Wonderland Makeupđź’•

Pretty makeup products will always be the reason I buy them. When Wonderland Makeup contacted me, I looked into them firstly, then had to say yes, because of a) their cute company day and b) the vast range of products available. 

Studio Finish Primer* - If a primer helps my foundation stay on my face, then I'll give it a bash. My current favourite is a primer water, so I was intrigued to using an actual primer again. I must admit, the texture is thinner than I had expected, and has got to be silicone based because it has a slight "greasy" finish to it, which means that a small amount definitely goes a long way. I particularly apply a lot more around my t-zone because it's this area I have most trouble with in terms of my foundation lasting. I love how smooth my skin is left, ready for my base to be applied. It helps it apply evenly and blends so softly too. So, how well does my foundation last? Actually surprisingly well! I always use pressed powder and setting spray to lock it all in too, but it definitely helps to prolong the length of time before needing to "top up".

Lash Lengthening Mascara with Fibres* - I love a good lengthening mascara, but one with fibres? I don't know if I like it; perhaps I'm clumsy but I feel as though I've always got fibres left in my eyeball after use. Maybe I'm paranoid. But that's the one thing that I don't like about this mascara. Apart from that, it's an ok mascara for an every day use - it's not super bold but it's enough to open your eyes. It certainly helps to length your lashes, and it catches every last lash. It's quite a natural mascara but in general, it's not my number one mascara.

I was also sent a glitter powder eyeshadow, which I haven't had time to trial out yet. I intend to feature it in an upcoming future post - watch this space!

For the price, the quality of Wonderland is quite impressive. I am in love with the primer, and it's my current go to. I hadn't heard that much about the brand beforehand, but I really want to share the word! I'm curious to their other products though.

Have you tried this brand?


Monday, 12 February 2018

Kick Off Your Skincare Routine With Bravurađź’•

A strict skincare routine is crucial in my eyes. In order to achieve flawless makeup, you need a beautiful, blank canvas too. I do slack some days where I'm feeling tired and I'm too lazy to actually bother. On the whole, I'm not too bad, and one brand who I rely on to give me perfect results is Bravura London*. A skincare brand who caters all skincare types, are inexpensive and deliver high quality products.

Revitalising Ginseng Toner*; this toner honestly works wonders for my skin because as soon as I stop using this toner, I notice a massive change in my skin. It's so gentle on my skin and I feel as though it leaves it looking fresh and glowing. I love how clean my skin feels after using it. Apparently, it's a dupe for the Pixi Tonic and if there's a dupe, I'll give it a bash. Unfortunately I cannot compare it but I do know they're made with the same ingredients. This toner does have a slight scent but it's nothing too powerful.

Glycolic Acid 10% Peel*; The Bravura chemical peels are brilliant. They work well if you use one that's suitable for your skin type. This one fades any hyperpigmentation as a result of sun damage or acne, reduces appearance of fine lines, helps to exfoliate dry skin and reduces any breakouts. For me, the only thing it would do for me is reduce any breakouts, which I tried on my chin which keeps breaking out. It helped to dry them up which I guess is a bonus in anyone's books. Personally, I feel this is aimed more towards those with dry skin but hey, it's not a bad product!

Salicylic Acid Peel*; I've already got another bottle of this and I do love it. I find it works well with my oily skin as it helps to unblock pores, and I have a lot of this problem specifically around my t-zone area. My skin always feels squeaky clean and smooth afterwards. I also use it on breakouts, and I've found it works quite well. It doesn't sting nor burn which of course is vital.

Both of the chemical peels come with a dropper style packaging. I don't need to use a lot of product per use because a small bit goes a long way where this is concerned.

Azulene Moisturiser*; This is hands down my favourite product of the lot. It's the most beautiful, luxurious moisturiser ever and is just perfect for these cold, Winter months. It's thick but not too thick but isn't too thin either, so for me, it's an ideal consistency. My skin drinks it up and honestly, my skin looks super healthy whenever I use it. I tend to use it in the evenings because I prefer using a thicker moisturiser before I sleep.

I've actually reviewed some products more in-depth in a previous blog post which you can read here.

My love for Bravura hasn't decreased at all since I last used the products, and every time I use them, I fall in love with them even more.

Have you tried Bravura?


Monday, 5 February 2018

A Handy Multipurpose Product♥

Multipurpose products are just brilliant. They are a 2 in 1 which are handy to have - 2 for the price of 1 in some circumstances. One thing I love is highlighters. Wait, let me re-word that. I blooming love highlighters. Shimmer bricks are basically the quad version of eyeshadows as it contains more than one shade in the compact. Two I particularly love are the Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick*, and MeMeMe Shimmer Stack in Gold*.

The idea of shimmer bricks is that they are created with four different varieties of highlighter - you can either use the shades individually or mixed together. Being pale means I can only get away with using the first two, either together or themselves. The first two shades are gorgeous - light but glowy. They are more on the low-key side of highlighters - they are more natural looking as opposed to bright and blinding. Although you know I love my highlight to be striking, sometimes a subtle highlight looks better with certain makeup looks, especially those that are minimal (aka the "no makeup" makeup look). It's definitely more suitable to wear on a daily basis!

The other two shades? Too dark to use as a highlighter on my pale skin, however, this is where it comes in as a multipurpose product. Simply, I use them as an eyeshadow. I love brown and gold eyeshadows, so using these two is a brilliant idea. It looks beautiful as an eyeshadow and you wouldn't ever think it was a highlighter. Even though they are formulated differently to an eyeshadow, they still blend really well. The golden shade (the third one) is beautiful with a tan, so I imagine these two shades looking stunning on darker skin tones!

I actually took this quad with me on holidays because it meant that I had two highlighters to choose from but I also had eyeshadows with me too. No need to complain about room, eh? Not to mention that I've had many compliments using this quad as either eyeshadow or highlight.The texture of these as a highlighter overall has a buttery finish and blends dreamy.

Have you tried this quad? Any other multipurpose products I should try?

Monday, 29 January 2018

Blogging Friendsđź’•

One of my favourite parts about blogging is how supportive and encouraging other bloggers are. Majority of them want to see you do well, are excited for you when you are granted with an exciting opportunity, and are there to help out with any blogging issues you have. Along the way, I have made a few, some of which I am closer to and talk to more often than others, but I know I can message them regardless.

Blogging friends are there to help you. If I'm having an absolute blogging crisis, I know I can pop over a quick message for their assistance. For example, if I can't work HTML (which is indefinite), they can assist me. Having a dilemma between layouts or pictures? They're always willing to help me choose. I love it. Of course, if they were to come to me, I'd help them out just the same. Why? Because that's just what you do. 

It fascinates me how blogging stretches far beyond the UK. People from America, Australia, Europe etc read my blog, and I read theirs. We also communicate with each other which is brilliant. Sure, time zones can be a bit of an issue because sometimes it can be the middle of the day here meanwhile it's nighttime elsewhere. Even with the time difference, I know that they will message me back as soon as they possibly can.

Three of my blogging friends include KirstyHannah and Amie. I don't necessarily talk to them all every day - we can go for a few weeks without messaging and it's as if I only spoke to them yesterday. They listen to me, advise me and we just have a general chit-chat whenever we fancy. I go way back with all three infact, so far back that I forget how I even stumbled upon their blogs. The point I'm making here is that they are fantastic girls, I admire their blogs and they are superb friends.

I often see tweets where other bloggers are saying things along the lines of "Wish I had blogging friends". Honestly, there is nothing stopping you from making some! Enjoyed a blogger's post? Tweet them, or send them a direct message. Some people are shy in terms of speaking to people first (I'm not haha), so sometimes sending them a message can blossom a beautiful friendship - perhaps they feel the exact same way as you! It's amazing what blogging can do.

I am forever grateful for my blogging friends. I do think blogging would probably be lonely without a few friends. The best way to communicate with them is via Twitter, especially by participating in blogger chats - I follow so many people from them chats!

Happy socialising!


Monday, 22 January 2018

Lord and Berry's Creamy Duođź’•*

When it comes to contouring, I'm very picky with my products. I find it very hard to find products that aren't too orange toned nor too grey toned either, especially as I'm so pale things can look "dirty" on my face. Perhaps I haven't quite hit the nail on the head here, but I don't like how powder contour looks. Quite frankly, I don't feel as though it does anything; cream contour is my friend when it comes to contouring. As for blush, well I don't tend to use it, but I'm the opposite to contouring. I tend to use powder blush as opposed to cream blush. I couldn't quite believe it when an email from Lord and Berry landed in my inbox - of course I replied as soon as I saw the email and I was ever so excited, especially because the PR was so lovely!

Lord and Berry Cream Blush* || Shade 8233 Sweet Pink || £20 - Please don't tell me I'm the only girl who finds cream blush impossible to work with at first? I just struggle. This blush is a beautiful pink, almost a bubblegum pink. Personally, I'd say this is a S/S shade because it's brighter pink. A small bit is all that's needed when it comes to this blush as it goes a long way. I've found the easiest way to blend out is with a damp beauty sponge and just blend the heck out of it. It's a really pretty, light and girly blush which looks gorgeous and natural on pale skin tones.

Lord and Berry Cream Bronzer* || Shade 8932 Biscuit || £22 - Cream contours are my jazz, and if I didn't make that clear enough in the first paragraph, then I don't know how I could. At first, I was worried it was going to be far too dark for me because it looked dark in the pan, but I went ahead with it anyways and gave it a bash. It turns out it looks pretty great on my skin and in the blink of an eye, my cheekbones become instantly visible. Although it gives a chizzled look, it still remains natural and I love that. It may be a bronzer, but it works incredibly as a cream contour. Some cream contours can be "dry" but this blends out effortlessly. All I use is a real techniques pointed foundation brush to apply to the areas I wish to contour, then blend out with a damp beauty sponge.

I love the packaging of these products. Although they're simple, they look, and feel, expensive (after all, they are on the pricey side). They do have a slight fragrance I have noticed, but it doesn't bother me whatsoever. I feel that these are a luxury for any beauty lover to have stored in their makeup collection. 

Have you ever tried Lord and Berry? Any products I should try?


Monday, 15 January 2018

University: Is it the be all or end all?đź’•

University. A pretty daunting word, eh? A place that could make or break your future. The stresses of picking a course, and the potential heartache of rejection. How a place of ten letters could determine your future is scary. Spending years attending lectures, stressing over essays and fearing over exams. Sounds fun, am I right? In this modern society, young people feel pressured to go to uni and be successful after they graduate. Do they necessarily enjoy their course? No. Do they regret it? Perhaps. Once they leave school, they are automatically assumed by others that they will go to uni. But, uni is not for everyone.  

It seems these days that people apply for uni and just pick any course they fancy without considering it. Perhaps they feel pressured, or want to go to uni purely to say they go. Some young people feel pushed by their parents to go - it appears that these days, life is a big competition. It’s as though people want to brag about which uni their child, or children, attend, and their course. One thing that gets under my skin is the belief that in order to be successful in life, you must attend uni, despise every moment of it and graduate with a degree. Wrong.

You may be wondering what sort of perspective I’m writing this from, and I can tell you this: I am a young person living in society whereby I’m expected by others to go to uni however I have chosen not to. Uni doesn’t appeal to me. I could’ve got in, but I opted for college instead. These days, colleges are overlooked. They’re discarded. It’s sickening if I’m honest, because you can still do really well in life by attending a college course instead. I haven’t been greeted with half as much stress if I were to have went to uni. I am enjoying myself, and I am happy. Why would I go to uni just to brag about it when the option of going to college instead and I’m enjoying my course? I know what I’d rather.

After saying that, college and uni just aren’t for some people, and that’s totally cool; everyone is different. Some prefer to work full time from the minute they leave school, and there’s absolutely no harm in that whatsoever. Education may not be their thing whereas working is. They could have top grades from school but just don’t want to pursue them, yet they can still be happy in life, not to mention successful - they may start at the bottom, gradually climbing the employment ladder and end up at the top. How exactly do they get there? With four key ingredients; hard work, positivity, ambition and determination.

With that being said, some people know from an early age what they want to do as a career, and uni is the pathway for them to achieve this goal. Out of curiosity, I have looked at uni courses (I like to see the sort of entry requirements specific courses have at varying unis) and I often wonder to myself what job you will find post graduating with the degree. On the flip side, once people have graduated, they realise they wasted their uni years as they didn’t particularly enjoy their course and they don’t use their degree and spend their life doing something else. So when applying, considering the consequences is a crucial stage.

Two perfect examples for this topic are Richard Branson and Alan Sugar. Both are entrepreneurs who left school at sixteen and never went to uni, and to say that the two of them are successful is an understatement. They are a living proof that you don’t need a degree to do well in life; they worked hard and have every right to their millions that they have earned over the years. Sugar started selling electrical goods from the back of a van when he was sixteen, and Branson started up his own magazine, despite being told by his headmaster that he was a failure and wouldn’t get far in life. And where are they now? Living their best lives, minus a degree, yet are successful and making millions.

So, where exactly am I going with this post? It’s simply a reminder that you can be successful without uni and it isn’t the be all or end all. All of your friends may go to uni and you may go to college or work full time, but it doesn’t make them a better person than you. Don’t feel belittled because you don’t go, and don’t feel pressured to go to uni because it’s seen as the “norm” these days, or because everyone else is going. Make decisions based on yourself, for you and for your future. Across social media, I have seen people posting about their uni offers. For some people, this can be quite a crushing time because they’ve may not had any offers, or don’t have the grades to get in. Either way, you shouldn’t let someone else’s offers affect you. You do you, work for yourself and you will get somewhere. Trust me.

By no means am I saying don’t go to uni, of course it’s some people’s dreams to go and that’s fine. All I’m trying to get across is how uni doesn’t always mean success, and that alternative pathways do exist which may be more beneficial for you as an individual. Some people may really want to go to uni yet don’t have the grades to get in, so college is the route from them. Once they pass their course, they may be able to attend uni if they wish. Some go for both, not because they don’t have the grades to go to uni, but purely as a stepping stone, because they may feel there is too big a gap between school and uni.

Do I feel as though I’m missing out by not going to uni? Absolutely not. And I’m certain there are many more individuals out there who feel the same as me. You can be successful and you can do well in life without a degree. Just don’t rush into things because your friends are doing it. Take a gap year if needed. Prioritise you and think what’s best for you. Just because your best friend goes to uni doesn’t mean you’re not successful in life, and don’t ever base your success on someone else’s. We all take time.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Perfect Winter Highlightersđź’•

A change in season means time for a makeup rotation. I absolutely love digging through my makeup and bringing my A/W makeup to the front and putting my S/S items away. Berry lipsticks, darker eyeshadows, I'm calling you. As well as this, I like to change my highlighters. In the S/S, I use warmer toned highlighters but in A/W, I prefer a cooler toned highlight (it matches the weather better hahaha). Whilst rooting around my makeup, I decided to create a blog post with some of my favourite Winter highlighters and have picked out a stick, powder and liquid version.

theBalm Mary Lou || £18 - If the above image doesn't stress how much I love this highlighter, then I don't know what will. It's literally the most beautiful, dreamiest highlight ever which is sure to leave you glowing like a night sky. It's oozes pigmentation and even with the lightest hand, the glow is insane. It's a stunning gold toned highlight which isn't on the warm side at all, and is honestly a pale gal's best friend - it compliments my skintone so well. I could go on for days raving about this highlight, but to save boring you - read more here.

Natural Collection Highlighter Stick in Rose Glow || £2.49 - As you can tell, this highlight is definitely on the cool side and there's no denying it. Believe it or not, this stick delivers quite a glow indeed. Considering the size of the product, there is a lot of pigment in the little stick. It works well with my pale skintone, and is more on the natural side than Mary Lou. I find it a bit tricky to apply because I'm afraid incase it appears "streaky", so after applying, I always ensure to blend it out. If you want to find out more about these highlighter sticks, read here.

Seventeen Skin Wow Highlighter || £5.99 - Whenever I use a liquid highlighter, I tend to use it as a base, followed by a powder highlighter for intensity, however, this highlight is strong enough that this isn't always needed. Less is more with regards to this because the pigmentation is strong enough to blind people, it's incredible. I like to apply two to three dots on my cheekbones, then blend out with a damp beauty sponge. This delivers a more natural look whilst still glows like mad. It can be used as a primer however I would not risk this because a glowy primer and oily skin does not sound like a good combination to me, but it may work for you.

As you can imagine, I own numerous highlighters, but these are my favourite Winter highlighters. And, do tell me about yours!

Monday, 1 January 2018

Resolutions For 2018đź’•

I know I'm not alone when I say it's really satisfying that the 1st January 2018 is a Monday. An ideal time for a fresh start. I don't do this whole "New Year, New Me" thing because if you want to change your life at any point, then you can. I also don't tend to set New Years resolutions because I enjoy setting myself daily, weekly or monthly goals. I have decided that I am going to share a few of my goals which I hope to achieve by this time next year. These are just general because I personally break them down further to achieve them.
1. PHOTOGRAPHY: I feel this is a never ending goal for bloggers in general. I'm forever working on my photography, trying out new techniques to try and improve my photos. You may not know, but I enjoy photography out with my blog (cheeky plug but you can check out my work here and here). As of October 2017, I upgraded my camera to the Canon EOS 1300D (my first ever DSLR!) and I'm loving it so much so far.

2. SAVE: I'm not the biggest spender ever, I'm most definitely a saver, however, I've decided to save even more this year. I have a jar which I used to use to save my £2 coins and it builds up so quickly, and for some bizarre reason, I stopped, but I've changed my mind and decided I'm going to start saving them up again.
3. BLOG: I kind of slacked in the blogging department throughout 2017, it was completely unintentional; sometimes life gets in the way and that's normal. For 2018, I'm going to put in a lot of hard work. Although my blog is predominately beauty, I haven't been into makeup and all that jazz lately (who am I?!) which makes blogging hard - how can I review makeup if I'm not wearing it? I'm going to be steering my blog in a slightly different direction, incorporating more "lifestyle" posts. I'm not going to give too much away right now, I'd rather keep you on your toes! This also means posting more on my Instagram. I suck at that but I need to try more!

4. MOVE ON: 2017 was a pretty positive year for me. A lot of good things happened for me, which caused certain things to change slightly, but life happens. It taught me to move on, and don't look back and dwell. Which is for the best. It's my life so why wait around?
5. WORK ON ME, FOR ME, BY ME: Basically, I just want to work on me as a person. Improve. I find working myself with my own goals and intentions means I'm able to strive myself to achieve my dreams. Hustle guys, and keep going.

6. LANGUAGE: Fun fact, but I can speak French. By no means am I fluent in the language, but I know quite a fair bit. I do like French of course, and I intend to consolidate my vocabulary further, but since the Summer, I have been teaching myself Spanish! It may only be the basics but I'm definitely glad I made the decision to start because I've been enjoying it. Spanish is very similar to French, and I believe that this is why I've been picking it up quite well. Duolingo, you are my favourite app.

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2018!

What are your 2018 Resolutions?


Wednesday, 20 December 2017

My Favourite Things About Christmas♥

Wednesday, 20th December. It's currently only five days until Christmas and I cannot quite believe it. I have failed miserably at this whole advent calendar thing (I didn't remember to do it every day, but in all honesty, who is the real winner here when I get about four days of chocolate at once?!) but December has honestly flown past. In general, 2017 has flown past. I didn't get quite as many festive posts up on here as I had hoped, but life has been busy lately. For my last festive post, and final blog post of 2017, I have decided to sum up my favourite things about Christmas.

Festive blog props - You know I love my blog props as it is, but I love the festive aspect of it. Instead of my typical white background, I've loved using wrapping paper or gold tissue paper to give the festive vibes. For this blog post, I decided to use artificial snow in the photos, and although it looks cute, it was extremely messy! Tinsel and baubles have came in handy too, and they look pretty too!

Glitter - I have an eye for all things pretty, and sparkly, throughout the year, but glitter occurs more frequently throughout the festive period, and I love that. Glitter exists everywhere, from Christmas cards to gift bags, and makeup to decorations. Glitter is messy as hell, but it just makes everything ever so festive!

Christmas Music - Give me all the Christmas music and I will instantly become Mrs Clause. Christmas music has been played non-stop in my work, on the TV and on the radio (not to mention being played on repeat on my Spotify!) Nothing beats the old classics. My top three includes "Fairytale of New York", "Last Christmas" and "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday". I mean, new releases are alright but nothing will beat the old songs.

 Christmas Markets - I went to the Christmas Markets one day with my best friend Emma, and it made such a cute day out. I, of course, was in my element taking photos of everything, and the food smelt incredible. I didn't actually buy anything but I just enjoyed the day out. We really wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel but it wasn't even open! Unfortunately it was raining but we didn't let it ruin our festive vibes!

The Joy - Have you ever noticed that people seem to be happier around Christmas time? I mean, after all it is the season of happiness isn't it? There's always more of a buzz around Christmas time, and I love it; I just wished it occurred more often. Oh, I wish it could be Christmas everyday purely for this reason!

As Christmas is on Monday, I will not be posting. Instead, I shall be spending the day with my nearest and dearest, aka my family. I wanted to take this quick moment to say that I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year. Blogsallbeautyy shall be returning on the 1st January 2018 with new energy and exciting content. I may be straying away slightly from the whole "beauty" thing because I have a lot of topics which I wish to write about, and I love writing. After all, it is my blog and they are my rules!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, 18 December 2017

Christmas Lips 2017♥

Christmas and red lips are a match made in heaven. I swear the only time of the year I wear red lips is during Winter/Christmas. For someone who rarely even wears red lips all year round, I sure as hell have quite the collection. I do have a few favourites though that I always reach for regardless, but I try to mix it up a little. Last year I opted for a few different options (read post here) so I've mixed it up this year to share a few of my other favourites.

Seventeen Stay Pout Lipstick || Shade: Rule Breaker || £4.99 - I'm pretty certain that this isn't the first time that I've featured this lipstick on my blog because I remember when I first got this lipstick, I was head over heels for it. And I'm darn right to be. It's a beautiful, vibrant berry lipstick which is creamy when applied but has quite a matte finish when applied. I find that it tends to last quite a long period of time before needing topped up too. It doesn't feel drying whatsoever on my lips and is sure to make a statement.

Mac Cosmetics Lipstick || Shade: Diva || £16.50 - I'm not going to ramble on too much about this lipstick as it's been featured before. It's a gorgeous deep, vampy berry shade with a matte formula. By no means is it drying and it's staying power is immense; it doesn't smudge easily at all and I can even eat without needing to reapply. It looks beautiful against my pale skin so I could imagine it suiting a wide variety of skintones.
(Read more here).

LancĂ´me L'Absolu Rouge Lipstick || Shade: Caprice || £25.50 - This lipstick is more on the high end scale however I am aware some people enjoy splurging out on their lipsticks, or like to treat themselves. Either way, it's a gorgeous lipstick. It applies so evenly on my lips and is a true, vibrant red. As it's so vibrant, it certainly is a bold lipstick which doesn't lack pigmentation.
(Read more here).

LancĂ´me Matte Shaker || Shade: Red'y In 5 || Price: £19.50 - In my opinion, the matte shakers did not receive the same amount of hype as the original juicy shakers did, and I cannot understand why because I prefer the matte shakers. These honestly ooze pigmentation, it's insane. This red is a bright and bold red, and perhaps more on the warm side as oppose to the cold side in terms of undertones. When applied at first, it appears glossy but one it has dried a bit, it definitely looks matte, yet doesn't feel any different on the lips compared to when it was first applied.
(Read more here).

Collection Velvet Kiss Moisturising Lip Cream || Shade: Rosie || £2.99 - You are guaranteed to have heard of the NYX Lip Butters. Well, think of this Collection one as a cheaper alternative. It's a beautiful, rich red which is creamy and has a decent staying power. It dries on the lips, but doesn't feel drying whatsoever.
(Read more here).

These are my options for Christmas this year. What are yours?

PS - keep an eye out for a special announcement on my Facebook page!

Monday, 11 December 2017

A Festive Makeup Look♥*

For me, Christmas makeup is just glitter, glitter and more glitter. Could I be any more right? Alongside this, I love dark lips - berry shades and reds, come at me! I also like to make my makeup a bit more defined by rocking a stronger contour and sharper brows. Some people go all out on Christmas Day with their makeup (aka me) whereas others knock about wearing none, and both are totally cool. I've created a rather festive makeup look and decided to share it with you.

Primer is an absolute essential for me any time I wear foundation. I've opted for the Primark Primer Water which is a steal and a half at £2 if you ask me. It's incredible as it does work. At first, I did worry it would be a gimmick product but my foundation is kept in tact so well. I find it exceptional at this time of year because my skin can become dull and lack hydration so this provides hydration to my skin whilst keeping my makeup in place. 

I tend to choose a foundation over BB cream during the festive periods because I like the whole "high coverage" idea, especially if I'm going for a full face of makeup, and this is why the Vichy Dermablend Corrective Fluid Foundation* is your friend. Whilst it delivers a high coverage finish, it also feels lightweight and won't clog your pores. It has such a perfect finish and blends out so effortlessly. I have the shade 05 Porcelain (the lightest shade) and it is quite a good match for me. I find that I only need to use one layer of this foundation however if you do require extra coverage, it doesn't become cakey at all. It works really well with the above primer.

Dark under eye circles or spots ruining your look? No need to worry. Although the Vichy foundation has quite a high coverage, sometimes you just feel the need for a little extra coverage. MUA Hide & Conceal Stick works perfect for concealing those little imperfections. It is creamy which makes blending so effortless you don't even realise that you're doing it. I don't require a lot of this product though because it conceals so well for the price.

Of course you got to set it all in place. Instead of your regular setting powder, I've went for this Vichy Dermablend Translucent Setting Powder* which is a loose powder. Yes, it is VERY messy but the results are definitely worth it. I always have the fear that my concealer will crease so I like to use this to "bake" beneath my eyes. I find that using a loose powder looks nicer as a setting powder rather than pressed powder because it doesn't look "packed" or "cakey", instead it leaves you with a flawless, air brushed base.

How pretty is this palette? It's the Makeup Revolution "Flawless" Palette which comes with a whopping 32 shadows - so many pretty colours to "ooh" and "aah" over, and so many makeup looks to create! To start, I quickly dusted a light brown shade through my crease (first row, second shade from the top). Following this, I went for my usual - gold - all over my lid (fifth row, second shade from the top) as my first sort of "base" colour. I started to make the outer corner darker and deeper and to do this, I combined two different shades (fifth row, bottom shade and third row, bottom shade) to darken the eye look. I also used a highlight shade (second row, first shade) to make my eye pop and appear more awake. Using the same shade as earlier for my outer corner (third row, bottom shade), I smudged this along my lower lash line just to bring the whole look together and give some colour to this part of my eye.

If I'm going all out with my makeup, OF COURSE I've got to do eyeliner. For liquid liner, I've been loving the Miss Sporty The Miaow Liquid Liner. I personally prefer to use a felt tip liner therefore I feel I can use this liner pretty easily (I say the word easily lightly because I still struggle to do my eyeliner haha). I went for a simple flick for this look as I felt it worked well with the eye look. It leaves a true black line which doesn't smudge and isn't watery or weak in the slightest. I used some kohl pencil on my waterline and just used the MUA Kohl Pencil which even though it's just a black eyeliner, it does have hints of glitter throughout it.

I combined two mascaras because I wanted ultimate definition, plus I didn't have any false eyelashes and a gal had to improvise. For length, I use the L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara* because it really lengthens my lashes. It's not too wet nor dry and doesn't clump my lashes together, meaning it's perfect to use as a layer mascara. As for my second mascara, I chose the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara* because it delivers A LOT of volume, seriously. It doesn't make my lashes appear clumpy in the slightest, and makes them look SUPER dark!

I'm the biggest brow amateur around, so I don't do anything too fancy with them. Simply, all I do is fill them in with this Collection Instant Brow Pomade which couldn't be any easier to use. It's so pigmented that a small amount goes a long way. It helps me to create strong, defined brows in a sake of a few minutes.

If I wear a full face of makeup, I tend to contour then - I don't contour on a day to day basis cause ain't nobody got time for that! - but when I do contour my face to the max, I always cream contour. I like this Primark Cream Contour Kit which I managed to pick up for a cheap £3. It contains a wide variety of shades to use as you please, and whatever suits your skintone. It's so creamy meaning that blending is a dream, and there's no tugging and pulling at your skin. The results are amazing. My cheekbones are instantly defined in a chiseled way, and it's almost subtle in the way that you cannot see I have contoured as the product blends out that much.

As I have already said, Christmas for me is all about glitter, so you can imagine that I probably go mad, or perhaps overboard, with the highlight (nothing new there). The Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette in Highlight is one of the best options available on the high street. Personally, I like the first white shade because it's blinding and sure to make a statement. Because I'm pale too, it works so well with my skin. It's also extremely pigmented too so go MAD with the highlight. I tend to highlight the tops of my cheekbones and the cupids bow.

HELLO BERRY LIPS. As you could probably guess, I have quite a stash of red/berry lipsticks, but the one I settled for is Mac Diva which is a beautiful, matte lipstick. It's so striking and bold, and is sure to make a statement, regardless. If I was to pick a lipstick that summed up Christmas/Winter, it would be this one. The staying power is phenomenal; I can eat and it stays put.

Have you got a festive go-to makeup look?

*PR Samples

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