Monday, 22 August 2016

All About; Liquid Highlighters♥

Highlighters are incredible. I absolutely love how they finish off any makeup look, subtle or bold. Some days I like my highlight to be beaming and blind people, whilst other days I want just a soft and natural glow. Either way, I find that liquid highlighters come in brilliantly. You can use them as a base for your powder highlight, or use them on their own for a lighter glow. It's no surprise that I own a few, and they all work exceptionally well on pale skin.

Seventeen Skin Wow Primer; one word - wow. It really does live up to it's name. Although it's a highlighter, it can be used as a primer too - I've never used it as a primer as it would give a dewy look, and I don't think it would be a good look with my oily skin. With that aside, it truly is a gorgeous highlight. It's striking enough to use alone but used with a powder highlight, you'll be seen from outer space.

Rimmel Good to Glow in 003 Soho Glow; surprisingly, I've never wrote about this highlighter on my blog, no idea why because I love it. It's not as "pale" as the other ones - it has a darker glow to it. It gives a subtle glow which looks really natural. I reckon that with a tan, especially this summer, it will look gorgeous!

The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter; another pearly highlighter, with a slight pink undertone. It's definitely more on the subtle side as it doesn't have any glitter to it. If you're into the dewy look, I believe this highlighter would be ideal under your foundation as it wouldn't make you look too greasy. If I'm going for the "no makeup" makeup look, this would be my first choice because it looks so natural!

Freedom Pro Studio Strobing Cream*; one of the latest additions to my collection. I had heard a lot about mac's strobe cream, so when the Freedom one landed through my door, I couldn't wait to give it a bash (dupe alert maybe?!) First thing I noticed was that it has a nice, sweet scent, and this makes all the difference when applying. Even when you accidentally add to much, it doesn't look "too much" or "overdone" as it's super natural, yet glowy. Basically, it's fab.

Benefit High Beam; one of Benefit's most raved products, so I bet you could imagine the excitement to get my glow on. It's recommended that you dot abut three dots and blend, but I find it works better to stroke a little bit onto my cheekbones then blend, personal preference. It's a similar colour to The Body Shop one when you see them sitting together, but with a slightly more pink undertone. It's a gorgeous pearl shade, which is any pale girl's dream.

Liquid highlighters, in my opinion, are a product worth investing in. They make a difference to whether you're achieving the natural look or wanting to make your highlight pop once your powder highlight is on. Just get some, you need them!

Have you got any favourite liquid highlighters that I need to try out?


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Thursday, 18 August 2016

A Brightening Concealer That Won't Break The Bank?♥

Finding a brightening and highlighting concealer that works yet won't break the bank is tricky. You can either find one at a budget price that does nothing or pay out a fortune for one that isn't all the price tag seems to be. YSL Touche Éclat is raved about for being a brightening concealer yet is slightly on the pricey side. Ever heard of the Seventeen Skin Wow Concealer*? It's a game changer.

Often compared to the YSL concealer, but it's a fraction of the price. With similar gold packaging and claims to do the same job, I can see the similarities. Although I haven't tried the YSL one itself, I could imagine this being pretty similar nonetheless. Many don't like the packaging of the Seventeen one, but it doesn't bother me in the slightest - I think it looks more expensive than it actually is. How do I get the product out Jasmine? Easy. Just push the bottom of the pen and it will come out.

I found that the consistency is quite thin, which I have no objections to as it blends out like a dream. With it being so thin, I did worry it wouldn't give much coverage. Thankfully, I was wrong, and you can see the "brightening" effect. I use it under my eyes to highlight and conceal, as well as the tops of my cheekbones before my powder highlight. The only thing I found is that it has the tendency to crease under my eyes if not set, but set it with some powder and you're good to go.

For the price of £4.99, it's a fraction of the YSL one (£25). Although I cannot compare it to be a dupe due to not owning it, I still do recommend the Seventeen one to start with as it is a lovely day to day concealer.

Have you tried either of these concealers? Would you compare them to be dupes?


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Monday, 15 August 2016

Using A Man's Beauty Product For Makeup?♥

I have finally jumped on the bandwagon with one of the most hyped beauty products. I snatched up the Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm when I found it in Wilkos on sale for a whopping £2.45 (now returned to full price but is currently on sale in Superdrug). You may be wondering just why on Earth I have bought a man's beauty product let alone a post shave balm. Unless you've been living under a rock, you have most likely heard that this magic product works wonders as a primer for your makeup. Having oily skin, I bought it on a whim to give it a whirl.

I can't help but notice the manly smell this comes with, but I have no objections to this as I actually really like the scent! As it's for sensitive skin, the scent isn't overly powering meaning it shouldn't irritate sensitive skin. When you apply and begin to massage into the skin, you notice that the product begins to feel "tacky". This is because it contains glycerol - which is the prime ingredient in making the product "tacky".

Due to it becoming "tacky", this helps the foundation, bb cream etc to stick. It helps it effectively act as a primer, not to mention leaves your skin feeling soft. I like to apply a little more preferably on my t-zone as that's where I tend to get most oily. I have found that it helps my makeup to last longer. I've been using it a lot lately and have been enjoying my makeup lasting!

Have you tried this post shave balm as a primer? Or are you late on the bandwagon like I was?


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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Crownbrush Brushes♥*

Long gone are the days where you used your fingers to apply any sort of makeup (cringe, all that bacteria, yuck!) and in come the days where we have a makeup brush for everything we could possibly need and more. Now we spend hours deciding whether we should splurge out on a beautiful set of brushes or not. The Crownbrush brushes come in all shapes, sizes and colours, not to mention how professional they look. I jumped at the chance of trying out some of their products when they contacted me.

SS003 Oval Foundation* - although I'm not a fan of these sort of brushes for my foundation, I decided that instead of throwing it to the back of my collection, I would figure another use for it. Concealer came to mind and I thought I'd give it a bash. I use it more for liquid concealers under my eyes when blending it out, and sometimes, I use it for setting the concealer so it doesn't budge. The bristles are closely packed and are uber soft.

 SS034 Chisel Fluff* - originally I thought I would use this brush to pack on colour all over my lid, but when I tried it, I felt it was "too small", but I knew I wanted to use it for eyeshadow. One day, I used it to highlight my inner corner and brow bone, and since then, that's all I've ever used it for because it's ideal as it's sits the highlight or shadow exactly where I want it to go.

SS027 Deluxe Blending Crease* - I couldn't wait to try this brush! I firstly put my lid colour on with a different brush then used this crease brush for my crease shade. It blended everything perfectly! Not only do I use it for my crease, but I use it overall as a blending brush, especially if I use a darker shade on my outer corner. It basically brings a whole makeup look together!

SS036 Small Cheek Contour* - I was fairly intrigued by this brush if I'm honest! I don't really own any contour brushes yet the ones I have aren't this small either. When I began experimenting, I discovered that it picks up product really well. I do find it hard to contour my cheekbones with due to it being on the small side, however, I do believe that this brush would be the perfect brush for nose contouring.

SS025 Brow Duo* - I don't own a brush like this, and I've needed to get myself a spoolie brush for the longest time ever! The spoolie helps to brush my eyebrows into place and my desired shape, then use the brush end for filling in my brows with powder. I personally like the brush for the powder as it's precise and must I say, my brows look "on fleeeeek"! After I've filled my brows in, I use the spoolie to brush through once again to fix the shape and disperse the product thoroughly.

I've been loving using these Crownbrush brushes. Not only because they look nice, but they work exceptionally well for their function. Highly recommend checking them out!

Which Crownbrush brushes do you recommend?


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Monday, 8 August 2016

Summer Holidays Haul♥

As I returned to Torremolinos for the third time this Summer, I knew where the town centre was, and just how good the shops were. One in particular that stood out to me was Primor, mainly because it's a makeup shop. They stock lots of different brands, some which I cannot get in the UK, and some items also cost less to buy there than at home. As I did numerous laps around the store, I picked up a few pieces that intrigued me.

W7 The Naughty Nine Eye Palette || The reason behind why I actually bought this was because it reminded me so much of mac palettes that I just had to get it! The colours were unique and I own no purple shadows. I was overwhelmed with all the colours when I did my makeup as I couldn't pick out what eye look to do. Particularly with the darker colours, I was shocked at how pigmented they were as sometimes, purples can have weak colour payoff. I know for sure that I will be getting lots of use out of this palette!

W7 Brow Parlour || I had seen this brow kit numerous times in the UK but for some reason or the other, I just never picked it up. I bought this on a whim as I decided I wanted a new product for my brows - my pencil just wasn't working quite as well as my kits usually do! The packaging is uber cute, and who could resist? It comes with a brow wax, highlight shade and two powders for your brows, as well as mini tweezers. I like to use the darker shade on the tail of my brows, then the lighter shade towards the start of my brows. For the price, can I complain? No.

Vivo eyeshadow in Sandstorm || I cannot find this anywhere online, but it cost me 1€! I thought that the shade would be good to use all over my lid for a simple look, but more for the idea of using it as a transition shade. It's a really pretty yet simple shade, and I feel I should have owned a colour like this long before now. When using it as a transition shade, I blend it through my crease so that it makes blending other shadows easier.

Catrice Allround Concealer Palette || Catrice is one of those brands that I've heard loads about, yet is not stocked in the UK, so when I saw the stand, I knew I had to get something! This concealer palette stood out to me, and I think it's down to the fact I don't own any concealer palettes like it. I was pleasantly surprised at how creamy they are, and blend quite well. I've also noticed that they aren't drying either! The darker colour could be used to cream contour.

I am really glad I picked up the pieces I did. They were all inexpensive and have surprised me to say the least!

Have you tried any of these products?


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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Bend The Line♥*

As attached to my pen eyeliners that I am, I have been using some liquid liners also. Although I found them tricky to use at first, I've been slowly getting the hang of things. When the Lancôme Grandiôse Eyeliner* landed through my letterbox, I was beyond excited to give it a shot. The promotional set came with a leaflet with different eyeliner looks, which is quite inspiring.

I had very high expectations for this eyeliner because it's Lancôme and I had heard good things about their Grandiôse mascara. When I took the liner out the box, I firstly noticed the packaging of the product itself. As expected with lancome, it's designed beautifully and the design has been carefully thought through.

It states that it's blackest black and is also matte. It is really dark and I do think it's matte - I can see a difference when used compared to my other liners. It gives a solid line - either thick or thin, depending on your taste. I find that it's simple to use and if you're good at wings, they would be super easy to create. The nip of the liner is very thin and precise for getting that liner just right.

The actual bottle of liner twists, hence where "bend the line" comes from. It allows you to have more precision and control over your eyeliner.

I'd say that this eyeliner is a must have for eyeliner lovers. If you love to do your eyeliner daily, I recommend looking into this eyeliner as it's just so simple to use!

Have you tried or heard of this eyeliner? Share your thoughts!


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Monday, 1 August 2016

Summer Lookbook 2016♥

Whilst I was packing my case before I went on holidays this year, I carefully picked out my clothes so I knew exactly what I was wearing. Why? For a lookbook of course! After my 2015 Summer lookbook, I decided that I wanted to do it once again. This year, I returned to Torremolinos (same as last year), and loved it, although, I reckon this year's outfits may be preferred to last years.

Night 1

The pink skorts (Boohoo) match the pink flowers on my top (Forever 21) perfectly - the pink is almost identical! I have fallen for the whole skort idea as they look like a skirt but are actually a pair of shorts, very smart.

Night 2

When I made a big online Boohoo order, I bought various skirts. This one, however, I instantly fell in love with! Due to the print being quite overpowering, I had to pair it with a simple yet pretty top (asos). I felt that the plain black top on the bold print black skirt went really well.

Night 3

I knew I wanted to wear this top (Forever 21), and this time, the top was the bold item. I, luckily, had ordered a plain skirt (boohoo), and the pink looked really pretty with the flowers. I didn't have any other tops like this, and I was intrigued by the style of it.

Night 4

At first glances, I thought the skirt (boohoo) would be far too out of my comfort zone. When wore with a elegant and delicate top (asos), I truly discovered that I adored the outfit overall. The top kept the focus of the outfit on the skirt.

Night 5
The gingham print is adorable, and I was chuffed when I found these shorts online (boohoo). They are super cute and I love how easy they are to wear! Paired with a white version of the top from night 2 (asos), it also allows all the attention to go on the shorts - after all, they are in the trends!

Night 6

Stepping out my comfort zone again, I decided to wear a bright dress (boohoo). I kept it for the end of my holidays because I thought that the yellow would look good against a tan (I did tan, slightly..) It's gorgeous and ever so different to anything else I own. I am in love with this dress and I know I want to wear it much more!

Night 7
Technically this wasn't for my final night - it's more my "flying outfit". I was determined I was wearing this dress (boohoo), because, just look at it! The palm trees are so summery, and it is effortless to wear yet still looks good!

I cannot pick a favourite at all! I had clothes left in my case that I never wore - I wish I did just for the photos though. I know a lot of my clothes are from boohoo, however, their summer clothes were really nice and inexpensive, yet the quality is fab! In each photo, I'm wearing my Adidas trainers, and my Primark sunnies (which actually cracked and I had to bin them before I brought them home!)

Which night is your favourite?


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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Get Festival Ready♥*

Summertime just shouts festivals. Some have already happened whilst there are still some to take place. Although I'm not going to any, I thought it'd be fun to use this month's Natural Collection* beauty box to get festival ready! Natural Collection are a budget brand where all their products are £1.99 each, therefore are extremely affordable.

For the "makeup necessities", you have got to use a concealer to cover up those tired under eye circles and mascara to open up your eyes. The Cover Up Stick* has pleasantly surprised me. New holy grail concealer I think?! Mine got broken in transit, but that's not stopping me from using it! I usually associate stick concealers being dry, but this surely isn't. I was shocked at how creamy and blendable it is! It covers up those dark circles fanatically and I adore it.

As far as mascara is concerned, the Water Guard Mascara* is superb. I wasn't sure if it would be a lengthening or voluminous mascara, so I tried it nevertheless. It turns out that it's a lengthening mascara, one that actually separates my lashes AND makes them look longer at the same time. It doesn't crumble or flake off, which is ideal for festivals.

You've got to incorporate colour into your festival look somehow. Whether that's nails, lips, eyes or whatever you fancy. Some people even use UV paint on their face, which tend to be bright, neon colours. I have two colour options - lips and/or nails. Both are colourful, not too intense and striking, yet are pretty and look beautiful on.

 For lips, the Tinted Lip Balm in Caribbean Crush* gives the perfect pop of colour. Although classed as a lip balm, I'd say it's more of a lipgloss. It's a pretty pink shade which isn't too "in your face" yet is effective. I was afraid in case it was sticky and non-festival appropriate, but it's not overly sticky unlike some other "cheap" lipglosses. Due to the colour, it can go with any look, and just gives that subtle pop of colour.

A second alternative for colour is the Nail Colour in Hibiscus*. I feel that the lipgloss looks like a very similar colour in the tube when compared to the nail polish. I really like the colour of the nail polish, and I also like the finish of it. It is slightly watery, but after two or three coats, it is a strong colour and is on the opaque side. When on your nails, it is quite a vibrant colour and definitely makes a statement. 

For a festival, I don't think that you would need to wear too much makeup as at the end of the day after jumping around, your makeup will sweat off and be patchy. That's why I highly recommend all the above products because they would create a minimal makeup look yet is effortless to create. Not to mention the products altogether only cost a whopping £7.96.

Are you going to any festivals this year? What makeup shall you be taking with you?


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Monday, 25 July 2016

Budget Outfits♥*

The sheer excitement when you find a beautiful item of clothing for a bargain price is brilliant. Although some believe quality comes with price, I reject this as some of my favourite pieces of clothing were inexpensive. When Everything 5 Pounds got in contact about doing an outfit post featuring some products off the site, I could hardly resist.

Outfit 1
I love the detail of the Lace Back Stripe Crop Top* - the stripes compliment the lace very well in my opinion and isn't too over the top. The material is also flowy and light therefore is ideal for the Summer. I just paired my top with a pair of jeans from New Look, some slight rips but nothing too out there; I wanted to let the top do the talking.

Outfit 2
The Crochet Back Embroidery Top*  created more of a basic outfit. I decided that I'd wear my shorts with it because I liked the simplicity of the look altogether. The back of the top is really pretty: you would originally expect those "spaghetti straps" like normal vest tops, but this has something a little different.

I particularly like the Denim Zip Up Jacket* because it's smarter than your typical denim jacket. The style is more on the formal side, and could be classed as a "dressy" jacket. I feel it gives the outfit an overall smarter finish. If I were to go to somewhere formal, this jacket could be worn as it's not as casual than a denim jacket normally is.

Outfit 3
I adore the print on the Mono Check Print Crop Top*! It's a bralet style top with a striking print - rather eye catching. As the top is quite to the extreme, I kept the bottom simple with a basic black skirt, also from New Look. The monochrome trend is still popular so I decided that I'd wear it without being too bold, being more low key.

In each outfit, I'm also wearing the same Adidas shoes and Primark sunglasses as they went perfectly with every look, and I'm obsessed with how comfortable my shoes are!

Everything 5 Pounds has everything from tops to dresses, and is ideal for those last minute arrangements. Not to mention that the quality is brilliant too. The only thing is that I found I was unsure regarding sizes as it's risky ordering online, however, everything fits perfectly!

Have you found any bargains on E5P?


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